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Leo Duff , was a  professional Artist who graduated from Royal College of Art London in 1979.

Born in Belfast, Leo Duff attended Victoria College with its unusual art department, before moving to Brighton to complete an Art and Design Foundation and undergraduate Communication Design course. After graduating from a postgraduate course in Illustration at the Royal College of Art, London, in 1979, Leo worked as a freelance illustrator and visiting lecturer at several art schools, as well as exhibiting work. She came to Kingston in 1982 and worked on the Illustration and Graphic Design undergraduate and postgraduate courses, before moving to the Art and Design Foundation in 1995.

Her one of the painting Kingston Buss Station by night (1997) can be view on North Kingston Centre

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Painting currently for “Sale”

Artist:  Leo Duff

Date: Circa Late 1990's

Medium: Watercolour and pen

Signature: Artist signature on lower middle ( photo is attach)


Frame: Original glass fronted frame 

Verso : No


Painting kept in original glass fronted frame. Untouched. Please do look the photos. 


We are happy to provide an additional photos .

Leo Duff Original Painting "Fish" Born 1954