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Creator Pinar Orge
Turkish born ex-national Fencer.
I Follow my heart and move the UK 2006.
I worked with my husband business in many positions that including

dirty heavy warehouse work as I did not know English.
I believe self-teaching and with time and stubbornness,

I teach myself Graphic designs and sportswear design and

I worked with my husband as a designer. But that was not enough.

​​Same time 
I had a desire to change the look of the place we lived

(and get rid of my husbands ugly 'modern' furniture!

no I mean black 90's sofa and black glass chrome stuff).

Over time I found so many items that I liked for my own home that I didn't have space to put them all, so I started to sell some items as a hobby in 2012 from a small space in Kingston Antiques Centre.
And Le Vieux Warehouse LTD born in 2014.

I also traded on other Antique Centers, E-Bay, and Etsy but
Furniture starts to be come challenge for me who work herself and do everything alone ( restoration carrying photo and many more) and I decided to take a different direction because I still love finding treasures buy , sell and collect. .

So Gallery SW19 born.

Gallery SW19 is offering my personal likes that are including, art, potteries, lightnings, fashion accessories, pens, and watches.

​It is a growing collection...And all my personal likes.

​I am currently working on Gallery SW19 with my original graphic design and commercial website management roles ( With my husband) that I love as much as I love Gallery SW19. 

I also designed Gallery SW19 website and All of the items handpicked myself and photo by myself in real time. 

All photos are untouched ,natural photos of the items.